images by João Estevens
uncanny valley is a transmedia piece that starts on the impossibility of the performer to be present. It uses past performative information to generate a performance at a distance while the performer interacts remotely. This piece reflects on digital interactivity and uses of social media in the context of performative events, trying to create engagement and connectivity between two strangers.
It has three elements: a booklet, a video installation, and an online interaction between the performer and the spectator. This online interaction is durational and lasts as long as the spectator wants. This work is part of a larger research about performing arts and digital culture aiming to be accessible to a wide audience.
text by João Estevens

creative credits
Creation: João Estevens
Video: gonssalo
Video assistance: André Picardo
3D face modelling: Jules Barbier
Music: Dianna Excel
Book design: Pedro Costa
Production: Associação Cultural Rabbit Hole
Co-production: Open Access 
Support: Dupla Cena
Funding Creative Europe, República Portuguesa - Cultura I DGARTES - Direção-Geral das Artes
ColectivA (Cluj, RO), Temps d'Images 2020 (Lisbon, PT), Le Granit, scène nationale de Belfort (Belfort, FR), GO Romaria Cultural (Gouveia, PT), Festival de Teatro Ajidanha 2021 (Idanha-a-Nova, P