Cascais, lived in Madeira before coming to Lisbon to study in Fine Arts. He graduated in Multimedia Art in 2018 and is now in the 2nd year of the Master in Multimedia Art at the same college. 
He has already exhibited in Portugal, Germany, where he went on Erasmus, and the Netherlands. It has been developing the project "então…gravei." since 2016 and more recently the IMAGO exhibition. In September 2019 he participated in the Doc's Kingdom Seminar with a Gulbenkian scholarship. 
As a performative artist, he explores the nature of language, the artistic environment and the creative process. He hopes to be able to continue developing his work around the hybridity of reality, where language is the decoding tool and the audiovisual medium is the matter.
2018-2021 — Master in Multimedia Arts (Fine-Arts, Lisbon)
2019-2020 — Erasmus (Kunsthochschule Kassel, Kassel)
2015-2018 — Bachelor in Multimedia Arts (Fine-Arts, Lisbon)
2005-2010 — Music School - Piano (Funchal, Madeira)

solo exhibitions
09/2020 — “então...gravei.” (Fine-arts, Lisbon) link
12/2019 — NOT YET - “então...gravei.” (Kunsthochschule, Kassel) link

group exhibitions
09/2021 — Entre o Real e a Imagem - CINENOVA (Casa Capitão, Lisbon) link
09/2020 — "então…gravei." reading at TEIA - radioprogram (Lisbon) link
05/2020 — IMAGO - curated by Isabel Ouro - (Lisbon) link
02/2020 — I bring my Body back to me - w - with Chloë Reynolds (Tokonoma, Kassel) link
02/2020 — Betriebsausflug, der - "então…gravei." (Haus & Wirt, Kassel) link
02/2020 — "então…gravei." reading at Freies Radio Kassel (Friedrichsplatz, Kassel) link
01/2020 — Out the Window - curated by Maria João Gamito - (Arte Graça, Lisbon) link
01/2020 — "então…gravei." reading at radio (Red Light District, Amsterdam) link
01/2020 — w - with Chloë Reynolds - (Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam)
09/2019 — Der Klang von Lissabon - O Som de Lisboa (LUX Mainz, Frankfurt) link
05/2019 — GABA, Galerias Abertas Belas Artes (Fine-Arts, Lisbon)
10/2018 — Presente do Futuro, Simples ou Composto - curated by Victor dos Reis (Fine-Arts, Lisbon) link
06/2017 — Sem Destino a (LX Factory, Lisbon) link
06/2015 — E depois do adeus (Casa da Cultura de Santa Cruz, Madeira) link
06/2014 — Ponto (Galeria Francisco Franco, Madeira)

publications, presentations, seminars
2019 — Participation in Doc's Kingdom Seminar - Gulbenkian Fellowship - (Arcos de Valdevez, Viana do Castelo)
2018 — Presentation at Ciclo de Conferências de Fotografia III (Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, Lisbon)
2018 — Publication at Dia das Belas-Artes, 2018 / Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa

2016-2018 — President of Students Union of the Fine-Arts Faculty Lisbon
2016-2018 — Member of Pedagogic Council of Fine-Arts Faculty Lisbon

06/2020 — Bárbara Ramos for Gerador - Gonssalo: “Tudo o que criamos nesta exposição foi imagem baseada na imagem” - link

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