Performance with Chloe Reynolds
"Impromptu, in Amsterdam, on Wednesday morning, in the hostel room of myself and Gonçalo; I started to watch myself in my phone. Gonçalo started watching me. Playing with different instagram filters and my physical vanity. I placed the phone in the window of the hostel and started doing my lipstick. Gonçalo filmed me."
"Me and Chloe met in the window of our bedroom at the hostel in Amsterdam. We came from Lisbon and Dublin. She was happy and started to use her phone as a mirror to put some make up. She used a mustache filter on instagram. I liked it and asked if I could film her. She said yes so I did. We liked it and thought it could be related to the place that we were, the vitrines, the view of the window in our room of Amsterdam, the phone screen and its reflection. Me and Chloe show this video."
photos by Chloe / we don't have more photos because our phones were being used.

Cartaz-divulgação da exposição